Mini Maestros is Australia’s leading pre-school music education brand.
We offer family-friendly careers within an outstanding franchise network.

Welcome to our franchise family!

Would you like a rewarding career, which offers you flexible working hours?

For more than 35 years Mini Maestros has been offering passionate and self-motivated people the opportunity to reconsider their working life and begin something new. Our franchisees come from different walks of life yet have the same things in common: the wish to have their own business, the desire to have flexible hours including to choose when and where they work, a solid work ethos and excitement and enthusiasm about early childhood development.

“I am so thankful that I have been able to combine my passions of music and education into a family-friendly career. Owning my own business is just the icing on the cake!”

Simone McGrath, Mini Maestros franchisee

Is Owning Your Own Australian Mini Maestros Franchise for you?

To find out, see if you can you answer yes to any of the following:
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  • Are you returning to work or looking for employment career that can complement your family/life commitments?

  • Are you someone with musical ability and a tuneful singing voice?

  • Do you like the idea of using your skills, knowledge and passion for music to inspire the next generation?

  • Do you have experience with young children or love the idea of working with kids?

  • Would like to run your own business?

  • Do you like the idea of joining a supportive community of like-minded, caring people who all share your passion?

  • Do you like the idea of receiving a detailed and solid framework of tried and tested teaching materials, business methods and marketing templates to help your business succeed?

  • Would you find joy in being paid to gallop around the room on an invisible horse?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above…Mini Maestros may well be for you.

To be a Mini Maestros Franchise owner is an extremely rewarding endeavour for many reasons, here are just three:

What is a Mini Maestros Franchise?

  • Owning a Mini Maestros franchise means owning your own business and teaching the Mini Maestros program to your customers.
  • A Mini Maestros franchise operates in a defined, exclusive territory for a 5-year term.
  • Franchisees have complete access to the Mini Maestros program and all of the Mini Maestros business resources, systems and methodologies.
  • Each franchisee is entitled to run as many private classes and early learning centre incursion sessions as they can generate within their territory.
  • Each Australian franchise operates seamlessly under the Mini Maestros brand and is backed by the Mini Maestros marketing fund annual marketing plans.
  • All classes are directly linked to and advertised on the Mini Maestros Australia website.
  • Franchisees receive ongoing support and mentoring from Head Office as well as enjoying interaction with all other Mini Maestros franchisees.
  • Franchisees generally teach 4, 5 or 6 mornings a week plus some afternoon sessions. They carry out the required repertoire learning, class administration and marketing at times which work for them around their fixed teaching schedule and family life.

But what is it about Mini Maestros that makes it such a great work/life balance business for so many people?

We think it is our tried and tested business model. This, combined with the support from our Head Office team, offers our franchisees the right mix of expertise and guidance with which to run their own successful business.

The Franchise Package

Our comprehensive franchise package gives you the resources and training needed in order to offer the outstanding Mini Maestros experience whilst operating an efficient and rewarding business.

Investment & Return


The primary source of income is from weekly studio classes and early learning centre sessions. Additional sources of income include the sale of Mini Maestros merchandise, birthday parties, holiday workshops and concerts.

  • The amount you can expect to make depends on your skills and energy, and the time commitment you give to your business.
  • Like any new ventures, the first 12 months is a critical period with extra marketing effort required to get classes firmly established.
  • Total return varies according to the mix between numbers of classes, numbers of students, student retention across terms, number of early learning centre sessions and venue rent.
  • To maximise financial return we recommend our franchisees aim to teach at least 5 mornings a week and conduct some afternoon early learning centre classes. 5 mornings a week with all age groups and reasonably full classes equates to around 150 students. A franchisee consistently teaching around 150 students, conducting 4 early learning centre sessions a week and otherwise incurring the normal costs associated with a well-established franchise can expect an income before tax of around $70,000 for 40 teaching weeks a year (this is for part time hours, around 30 hours’ work per week). Some marketing and enrolment administration is required during holidays.
  • Some franchisees employ teachers to further boost their return by enabling more classes to be held in the franchise than the franchisee can personally teach. It is up to you how big you wish to make your business.
  • Franchisees may sell their franchise while their franchise agreement is in place subject to the purchaser meeting suitability requirements.

Our standard franchise agreement gives you peace of mind that you have exclusive rights to your territory for the period of your franchise agreement. The initial upfront cost is: $5,500 training and access fee, and from $1,100 per year exclusive territory fee.  Two options exist for payment of the territory fee for brand new franchisees commencing a new territory:

  • Option 1: Pay upfront for your whole term of up to 5 years: total territory fee $5500 for 5 years
  • Option 2: Pay yearly in advance:

Year   Territory Fee

1          $1,100
2          $1,166
3          $1,238
4          $1,316
5          $1,401

Total territory fee $6221 for 5 years.

(All figures above include GST.)

One-off extra costs:

Around $2,000 for the complete teacher’s kit for each age group, which is built up over the first year of teaching. Some teachers save money by making up some of the kit by hand.

  • Around $250 for signage for each venue (recommended).
  • Around $250 for car signage (recommended).

Ongoing costs include:

  • Approximately $700 professional indemnity insurance (paid yearly) for up to two teachers.
  • Royalties of 10% (plus GST) of gross receipts (gross receipts does not include any GST collected by the franchisee).
  • The upfront wholesale cost of student equipment (on-sold by franchisees at retail prices to students).
  • $233 per month for collective marketing.
  • Local marketing costs.
  • Venue rental for classes, typically $20-30 per hour, for community halls.

Why choose Mini Maestros?

At Mini Maestros we believe that clear objectives, a shared understanding, personal motivation and the support of the team and franchise family are fundamental to our business success. Founded in 1985 by very well respected early childhood music education specialist, Mini Maestros has been instrumental in making pre-school music education widely accessible to the point that we are quite a “cult hit”, especially in Melbourne!

We are proud of our rich legacy, and today we comprise a big group of like-minded and like-hearted individuals, focused on sharing the achievement and delight of Mini Maestros. Each day we celebrate what a great positive impact Mini Maestros has had for thousands of children and families. These individuals are our passionate and committed franchisees, Mini Maestros teachers, and the ever-supportive Head Office team.

We passionately work together in order to hold up our reputation as Australia’s number one pre-school music brand.

Our Franchise System Offers:

  • EXCLUSIVITY: No-one else can operate a Mini Maestros class in your territory.

  • QUALITY CONTROL: The Franchisor works to ensure that every franchisee delivers the program and runs their business to a high standard.

  • PART OF A WELL-KNOWN BRAND: A franchise enables you to be part of a brand. Mini Maestros has a strong reputation for quality music education for babies to 5 year-olds.

  • EASE OF ORGANISATION: Franchisees use the Mini Maestros “Intranet” for all enrolment processing, including payments, student and class communication and to access online resources. The Intranet is an extremely powerful and comprehensive system tailor-made for Mini Maestros that streamlines administrative processes while providing excellent customer service.

  • SMOOTH ADMINISTRATION: Mini Maestros business systems and methodology ensure that the necessary chores of business and class administration can be done as efficiently as possible.

  • EFFICIENT AND EXTENSIVE MARKETING: Franchisees have immediate access to an established and sophisticated collective marketing program:

    • Our marketing program enables franchisees to collectively achieve a much greater marketing impact than the sum of what each franchisee could individually achieve.

    • All franchisees access the same marketing templates and graphic design.

    • Everyone has the same look and feel in their marketing messages.

    • Everyone has access to the same website.

  • FREEDOM TO EXPAND: Head Office can assist you to employ teachers to work for you. This would enable you to take a more administrative role in your business should you choose to, or perhaps giving yourself more time to take on another venue and expand into more territories as others have done.

  • SUPPORT: Extensive training and ongoing support is an important part of the Mini Maestros program and sets it apart from others. Franchisees have access to Head Office at any time to discuss queries, receive additional on-the-spot tuition for any concerns or to bounce ideas around.

  • BE PART OF A LOVING COMMUNITY: Those drawn to Mini Maestros have one thing in common – they all have massive hearts! By running your own Mini Maestros Franchise you will be a valued community member of a family of kindred spirits who are united by their love for children and music, and who all wish to make the world a better place. Franchisees meet together at least once a term plus at training sessions. They talk daily and exchange experiences via our online blog.

What’s more, being part of a franchise system gives you access to a wide range of resources that are significant to each phase of your business as it develops – from the first days to a fully-fledged business. For example, national advertising efforts, brand development, artwork material, your own Facebook location page, core class content, client database, intranet administration system, automated customer correspondence, and so on. These “business bolster support tools” take away a large amount of the work in which a stand-alone business has to do and there is no need to re-invent the wheel.

For more detailed information about franchising in general, please visit this link for an introduction:–an-introduction.html.

Existing Franchises For Sale

Currently, we one well-established successful franchise for sale in Victoria.

Buying an existing franchise is more of an investment than starting a new franchise, but it comes with the benefit of receiving an established customer base and often includes equipment/teaching kit and additional signage.

For more information about the two existing franchise areas for sale, please get in touch and we can discuss the details.

What Next?

This is just a short introduction to the Mini Maestros franchise opportunity. We have lots more we can share if you’re interested. If so, we’d love to hear from you.