Mini Maestros

International Licences

As an Australian based program, we are pleased to offer licences to potential Mini Maestros operators in overseas locations.  For example, some international licensees operate enrichment centres and have incorporated the Mini Maestros program into their centres’ curriculum.

Mini Maestros is a very well respected Australian music education program for pre-school children and is the longest running Australian business of its kind. The program is educational, nurturing physical, emotional, intellectual, social and creative development, with an emphasis on learning through play.

What Makes Mini Maestros Unique in the International Context?

  • 1

    Mini Maestros is an all-Australian business, owned by Australians.

  • 2

    Almost all the music, apart from some traditional pieces, is composed by Australians.

  • 3

    As an English speaking program, it encompasses Australian idioms and culture.

  • 4

    The program is fundamentally, rather than incidentally, educational (although delivery focuses on a fun experience for children, parents, carers, and teachers alike).

  • 5

    The program is holistic by nature in that it helps develop the whole child.

Mini Maestros International Licences

Our international licence system allows enrichment centre owners to incorporate the Mini Maestros music education program into their curriculum and business model. It also provides a ready-made program for music teachers who wish to establish their own music schools for pre-schoolers.  A Mini Maestros International Licensee becomes part of an established educational institution but can add their skills, motivation, business structure and local knowledge to a tried and true education program.
A Mini Maestros International Licence may be granted in respect of a single location or over a defined exclusive territory.
Licensees have access to the Mini Maestros program plus business resources, systems and methodologies.
We are responsible for:
  • continuing to develop the Program;
  • growing the business; and
  • supporting existing licensees to present the program to the best of their ability.
Our licensees actively contribute to Mini Maestros by:
  • working together as a team; and
  • sharing classroom ideas and experience.
The licensor/licensee relationship is a professional business relationship intended to operate to everyone’s mutual benefit.
Although established and governed as a legal relationship under the terms of our licence agreements, the relationship thrives as one between business colleagues founded on mutual care, trust and respect.

What You (the Licensee) Get From Us (the Licensor):

  • A licence to use the name Mini Maestros and the Mini Maestros curriculum for 0 to 5 year olds which comprises 5 annual sequential programs: 5-15 months, 1-2 years, 2-3 years, 4-5 years for teaching in studio class or early learning centre settings.
  • Access to 200 lesson plans (with all activities) for 4 terms of 10 weekly lessons each per year per age group.
  • Comprehensive online training and resources covering both lesson delivery and administration. All training for international licensees and their teachers is provided online (although you are welcome to travel to Australia for additional in-person training if you wish).
  • Accreditation (including recognition on our website) on completion of training plus accreditation of any other teachers working for you for an additional fee. Senior teacher accreditation available after 12 months.
  • Marketing Resources and social media feeds.
  • Long term partnership support including ongoing Q&A support, periodic online team meetings, teaching newsletter.

A Licensee Needs to:

  • Prepare a business plan for taking your business to market – we will give you guidance and suggestions – covering:
  • your business registration and name (which can include “Mini Maestros”)
  • choosing and fitting out a classroom
  • insurance
  • class prices
  • enrolment processes and record keeping
  • marketing plans
  • assemble a teaching kit (in accordance with our detailed specifications)
  • purchase required student equipment from us through local suppliers
  • employment of additional teachers.
    • Complete your training before commencing teaching (except that the repertoire training can be completed by term before commencement of the next term).
    • Attend our periodic online team meetings.
    • Respect the intellectual property contained in our programs.
    • Observe our standards including child safety, style guide, curriculum contents and requirements, customer service.

Business Model

Mini Maestros international licensees are solely responsible for determining the business structure and systems used to support the presentation of the Mini Maestros program in the licensee’s local market. While we give the licensee access to our systems used in Australia, a licensee must by themself determine what is suitable for their circumstances.


Mini Maestros international licensees are solely responsible for determining and implementing any program for the marketing of the Mini Maestros program for their classes. We give the licensees access to our marketing methodology, materials and templates but there is no obligation to use them other than conforming to artwork design guides.


The licensee must use the name Mini Maestros in relation to the marketing and presentation of the Mini Maestros program.

International Licence Agreement

Our international licensees enter into a formal legal document that clearly defines the relationship between the licensor and licensee and their respective rights and obligations.

Interview with two of our Malaysian Licensees Jessie & Carmen

What do you love about Mini Maestros?                  

We love Mini Maestros is because it is fun, engaging and lively.

Why did you choose the Mini Maestros Program?

We chose the Mini Maestros program because it has a lot of benefits for children. Besides developing their musical skills, Mini Maestros can build their confidence, develop their social skills, cognitive thinking and most importantly develop the whole child!

This is something that is lacking in Malaysia, as typical Malaysian parents will just focus on academic results! Therefore, a majority of the parents will send their children to attend courses that can make the children to be more intelligent; such as left/right brain development courses. This being the case, the Mini Maestros program provides an important piece within the enrichment mosaic for kid’s education in Malaysia.

How is Mini Maestros different from other options you considered?

Other programs are solely focused on specific areas of development such as;

  • Languages
  • Dancing (Ballet,..etc)
  • Increase memory programs
  • Left/Right Brain Development
  • Sports (Swimming, Gym)

Mini Maestros is different in the way that it combines everything that we want for the child development into a program!

What the training is like?

The training that we receive as a first-time licensee is very comprehensive, experiential and practical. It is not just based on how to run the program itself as it also covers the overall business models, marketing, systems and human resources.

As for the training of the program, it is done in a very systematic way where we need to go through classroom training, observation in the class and on the job training. All these are really helpful for us to grasp or to have a better understanding of the program in a short period of time.

Ongoing training can be conducted using Vimeo / Skype when we are back to Malaysia.

All these are really helpful and useful, and enabled us to start Mini Maestros in Malaysia with ease! 

Where you run classes?

We have a centre where we run this program, located in Desa ParkCity, Malaysia.

Why is doing an English speaking program great?

In Malaysia, we have a lot of nationalities  – Malay, Chinese, Indian and etc.

This means an English speaking program is suitable for everyone as the majority of people understand English! As for those that do not, they will tend to send their children too; as they then also have the possibility to learn English while developing their musical skills!

What is the business support like?

The business support is very good. Whenever we request assistance, the support given is immediately.

Why should others consider starting Mini Maestros in their countries?

Others should consider starting Mini Maestros in their countries due to the following reasons:

  • It is an Australian based program that has been going for more than 30 years, which gives it high credibility.
  • The program is good and proven to be effective (I can see the results in the children that take up this program with us).
  • The training on how the run the program is very comprehensive and experiential.
  • Everything is systemized such as the program training (Vimeo), ordering student equipment, the database…etc
  • Marketing materials are sufficient
  • Other support / and requests are immediate.

Most importantly, by bringing in this program to your country, you have the opportunity to contribute to developing children with high confidence, bring more joy and create great moments through introducing music to their childhood.

What Next?

This is just a short introduction to the Mini Maestros international licence opportunity. We have lots more we can share if you’re interested. If so, we’d love to hear from you.