International FAQ

What are the requirements for teachers?

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Mini Maestros teachers must: have solid musical skills; have a good singing voice with a good sense of relative pitch and pitch matching; have well-developed communication and customer service skills; be able to engage and teach young children; be able to relate confidently to other adults; have a bright, outgoing personality; enjoy entertaining others; be

Who owns the intellectual property? What if I develop my own processes and teaching materials? Who will own the IP to my developments?

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The licensor owns the intellectual property. A licensee may develop their own teaching skills and techniques in the teaching of our program but is obliged to follow our program and teaching materials. Additional teaching materials may not be introduced to Mini Maestros music classes without prior agreement of the licensor.

What sort of training and support can I expect both upfront and on-going?

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Training of international licensees and their teachers is self-managed by video courses plus online written materials. The training package comprises the following: New teacher training (Mini Maestros philosophy, musical skills and classroom management) Program training (learning the repertoire) Class administration training Teaching equipment training Marketing training (marketing demonstrations and marketing administration) Licensees have access to

What is an exclusive territory?

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An exclusive territory is a defined geographical area in which one licensee has the exclusive right to present the Mini Maestros program. If you have purchased an exclusive licence (as opposed to a non-exclusive licence for a single location) then no other licensee is allowed to do these things in your territory. You can set

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