We expect that the franchisees we take on have a long-term view of their business. Like any new business the first 18 months are the hardest as you need to build up your numbers and become familiar with and skilled in the service you are offering; the right effort will lead to a successful and rewarding franchise. Franchisees need to come on board with a mindset to succeed rather than simply “giving it a try”. That being said, if your circumstances change and you wish to cease being a franchisee, there is no refund of territory fee, but the sale of your franchise to another is possible subject to finding a purchaser and us approving the purchaser. If you opted in for the “pay by the year” option, you would be required to pay out the remaining years on your territory upon selling. You would include the territory fee paid for the remaining years of your franchise in your sale price. For example, if selling after 3 years there would be 2 years left on the franchise agreement to sell. The sale prices achieved for established franchises reflect the size of the income stream that has been built up in the franchise. For example, a franchisee in its fifth year that has 190 students will be worth more than a franchisee in its fifth year with 150 students. When selling a franchisee, the selling franchisee must pay the franchisor’s costs. There are currently $770 for preparation of documentation and assessment of the suitability of the buyer, and if the Franchisor has found the buyer of the franchise, a commission of $1,100. In addition to the purchase price, the incoming franchisee must pay the franchisor’s $5,500 training and access fee.