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Who are the franchisees? Do all franchisees teach?

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Some are individuals who both teach classes and deal with the business. As their business grows they may employ additional teachers to assist them. Some comprise 2 business partners who together operate the franchise, dividing up business administration and teaching duties between them according to skills and time availability. Some of these are members of

How do we support our franchisees?

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Intensive business training and support program on all aspects of running a Mini Maestros franchise. Subsequent personalised mentoring, buddy training, online and telephone meetings. Day-to-day support from our Head Office Team online or face-to-face with tailored support from our Chief Marketing Officer, Accounts Manager, Enrolments Registrar, Head of Teaching, and Music Director. Ongoing training to

How do I advertise my business?

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Successful candidates will have a marketing training session with the Mini Maestros Marketing Manager who will explain what advertising and marketing resources are available and discuss and demonstrate our national marketing plans and methodologies. All franchisees have their own dedicated Facebook location page for each venue, and we have various step-by-step guides to help you

How do I employ teachers?

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We provide full guidance on this, and you will receive training on the subject at the appropriate time. A franchisee is responsible for advertising for, and the first interview of, potential teachers using our templates and interview guides. Once you have found someone you like, you then send him or her to us for further

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