One-off extra costs:

  • Around $2,000 for the complete teacher’s kit for each age group. The kit is built up over the first year of teaching. Some teachers save money by making up some of the kit by hand.
  • Around $250 for signage for each venue (recommended).
  • Around $250 for car signage (recommended).

Ongoing costs include:

  • Approximately $700 a year for public liability insurance.
  • Royalties of 10% (plus GST) of gross receipts (gross receipts does not include any GST collected by the franchisee).
  • The upfront wholesale cost of student equipment (on-sold by franchisees at retail prices to students).
  • $233 per month for collective marketing.
  • Local marketing costs.
  • Venue rental for classes typically $20-30 per hour, for various community halls. Alternatively, you may consider using one dedicated location for all your classes.